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What we sell


Little Friends' Honey sells several types of our own Pure Raw Derbyshire Honey and Honey Combs collected throughout the season. 


We also sell our own hand made Pure Bees' Wax Candles and Candle Rolling Kits, to make your own candle!


To buy our products see "WHERE TO FIND US" or contact us directly to arrange delivery or enquire about wholesale prices. 

Creamed Spring Honey
Ticknall Summer Honey

Collected in Ticknall at Wood Farm rapeseed fields. This type of honey crystallises very quickly, so when it got set, we mixed it to brake the crystals, and now it has a wonderful creamy texture.

Very smooth and delicate. Ideal for having it on toast in the morning - it doesn't run off!

340g  £7.50

Ticknall Summer honey has a delicious traditional taste with a delicate citrus after taste and a lovely runny texture. The honey was collected in time when Lime Trees had their blossom on. 

Use it in your 'water-lemon-honey' drink in the morning!

340g   £7.50

Mickleover Summer Honey
local honey.jpg
Mickleover Spring

Wonderful and very aromatic mixsture of Summer Blossom! Has delicious citrusy cascade and delicate peachy after taste. Goes great with a cheese and fruit board.

340g   £7.50

Light and delicate aromas of Spring flowers give the honey unique and refreshing taste! Great on its own or sprinkled over berries or plain yogurt. 

Many customers say it helps with hay fever!

340g   £7.50

Section Honey Comb Frame

Whole small frame of yummy Honey Comb! Naturaly build and caped by bees, gives you all the benefits of wild honey. Can be eaten whole with all the bees' wax and cappings (not wood!) - healthy and most natural bees' poduct.

200g   £8.50      sold out

Honey Cut Comb
Heather Honey

Derbyshire Heather Honey, collected from Hathersage. Delicious bitter and a little bit sharp in taste, it won't leave you indifferent. It has wonderful jelly texture with some crunchy bits (when crystallising) and beautiful golden dark colour. Very aromatic. Great for cooking cakes or on its own! 

Please note that the honey can't be 100% garanteed heather only, as no one can stop bees from flying anywhere they want, but usually there are nearly no other flowers around heather fields, so we can assume that the majority of nectar in the honey is from heather blossom. 

340g   £10.00

A yummy piece of a honey comb frame. Can be eaten whole! Delicious and healthy treat for anyone, makes a wonderfull gift. 

200g   £8.50

Candle Rolling
Candle Rolling

Small coloured bees' wax sheets to roll your own candle. Very easy to make. Ideal for kids, even really little ones can do it!

Great for Brownies, Girlguiding or school fetes and other larger kids' groups. 

Ideal for sharing: one fun for all the children at one party - your own and your friends' children, nephews, cousins, grandchildren etc. - to keep them busy in festive evening!

Makes a great gift for grandparents, cozy candles made with love by grandchildren!

Also people with dissabilities enjoy making their own candle.

There are 10 sheets in each kit. Instruction and wicks included. Colours may vary.

£6.00 kit

Candle Rolling tringels are pieces of coloured bees' wax fundation. Add a wick to it and roll your own candle! As it is very easy to do, it makes a great gift for anyone. Little ones, elderly people, people with dissabilities, teenagers and adults - everybody feel very happy and proud when they can make their own thing. It is a great fun for all the family!

£2.50 each

Pure Bees' Wax Candles

£ 3.50

£ 6.00

£ 2.00

 Little Friends' Honey

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